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Prizma Media is a one-stop-shop for boosting your eCommerce business.

Bottom-line driven, we’ll help you with digital marketing, search engine optimization, media, affiliate marketing, and more. Working with us you’ll attract better traffic and in turn, increase your conversion rates. It’s the optimize, monetize secret to success.

With more than 10 years’ experience serving eCommerce businesses like yours, Prizma Media is uniquely positioned to achieve the results you desire. Professional, tech-savvy, and detail oriented, our team can give you the leading edge you need, to turn your dreams into a prosperous site.


Traffic generation

Having trouble attracting visitors to your site? Or simply not getting the right people clicking? We hear you. This is a common challenge eCommerce sites face, and one we’re particularly adept at handling.
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Traffic monetization and optimization

While every eCommerce website is interested in attracting visitors, they all realize one thing quickly. No matter how many visitors you draw to your site, visitors alone are not enough. You need customers!
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Affiliate marketing

Many successful eCommerce websites use affiliate marketing to build their business. And with more than ten years spent building relationships with the world’s best e-commerce affiliates, our proven expertise is your advantage here.
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Best-of-breed customer development tools

The world-class Prizma Media team has extensive experience in the world of eCommerce. But knowledge and experience alone are not enough. This is a data-driven business after all, and as such, requires some rather sophisticated, hi-tech tools.
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